System trading

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4 Responses to System trading

  1. Vishal says:

    I hope you open this message at the best of your health & happiness…

    I hope you remember me sir, I had messaged you sir before few months your advice helped me alot…I have made couple of robust trading systems for myself…
    The systems have been optimized, but I tried n changed the parameters slightly here than there but the performance was not impacted much….

    With your experince can u tell me how to know that the past performance will be visible in future too…

    PLS reply asap sir,


    • trendroom says:

      From my experience you should stick to your system as long as it shows good results from backtesting… test it with largest available sample and stick to it. You have NO access to the future and nobody has as well… you can not know how the system will perform but backtesting gives you confidence to sit tight… i hope that helps ILIAN

  2. vishal bheda says:

    hi sir!!…I hope everything is fine at your end. I am currentlt trading short term trend following and also positional trend following which has 4 to 7 trades a year. Through your comments I came to know that u think money cannot be made in short term trend following. Pls guide me in this matter cuzz if trend following works in positional or long term time frame than y it cant work in short term like 60 mins. Is this the reason that is too much noisy in smaller time frames , if not than whats the reason. Sir pls guide me.

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