S&P 500 – 1250 area to contain recent sell off

January 30, 2011

Friday sell off is finally here. Market seld off but on weekly graph last week low is NOT lower than a week before so i look at this sell off as shallow correction of recent 10 week rally cycle. I expect correction to be contained down to 1250 area. if this area fail then 1200 is much bigger support. My scenario is that 1250 will hold and market will rally until April-May time frame testing 1430 area when bullish seasonals will fade away. Anyway this is a bit macro view not trendfollowing, but looking on larger time frame graphs i do not see any signs that the rally is over.


REAL ESTATE – Bullish ascending triangle with target low 60’s

January 28, 2011

Here is nice bullish development of ProShares Ultra Real Estate ETF with target of ascending triangle formation 63

S&P500 – 10 weeks rallies

January 27, 2011

Current rally of  S&P500 is entering in the last week of 10 weeks rally cycle – be careful of taking long positions.

TREND ALERT – Golden cross on US 10 Year Treasury Yield

January 14, 2011

here comes the bullish (for yields) golden cross on US 10 year treasury yield. Higher yields environment ahead!!!


Why our brains go for market bubbles.

January 11, 2011

good stuff…..it is always good to know yourself (what is going on in your brain)