PIIGS Unemployment trends

Unemployment trends in PIIGS countries are clearly on the upside. Spain and Italy are experiencing an acceleration of unemployment.

Source: Google


One Response to PIIGS Unemployment trends

  1. hemen parekh says:

    Unemployed Vs. Unfilled Jobs

    It is indeed a dichotomy.

    On one hand, most countries have millions of unemployed with unemployment rates ranging from 10 % to 25 %.

    On other hand , very same countries have unfilled jobs due to non-availability of workers with ” right “ skills.

    Here is an example :


    Unemployed…………………….9.8 % …………….22.9 Million

    Unfilled Jobs …………………3.0 million ……..20.0 Million

    As per a European Commission study, Europe will need to fill an “ additional “ 16 million “ highly-skilled ” jobs by 2020 , taking the total to 36 million !

    Countries like India churn-out 3.5 million graduates each year but find that only 0.5 million possess the right skills to get employed !

    It is about time, schools / colleges stop “ educating “ and start “ high-skilling “ their students !

    With regards

    Hemen parekh


    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

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