USD Index – diverging on daily

August 30, 2009

USD index – MACD showing divergence and we will enter next week with bullish harami on daily and weekly graphs.



Ed Seykota on FEELINGS

August 30, 2009


Our work is not so much to treat or to cure feelings, as to accept and celebrate them. This is a critical difference.

Fundamentalists figure things out and anticipate change. Trend followers join the trend of the moment. Fundamentalists try to solve their feelings. Trend followers join their feelings and observe them evolve and dis-solve. The feelings we accept and enjoy rarely interfere with trading. Trying to treat or cure feelings adds mass.

When a feeling dissolves, it ceases to be your enemy and begins to be one of your allies.
Ed Seykota

This post has special permission to reprint  from ED SEYKOTA – for more please visit ED’s site


August 29, 2009


BG TRENDS 30 Aug 2009

August 29, 2009

MArket is consolidating after latest gains. Very bullish ascending triangle pattern is in making and i expect to see another run to the UPSIDE.


Short-term trends are subject of revision on daily basis after market close. Mid-term trends are revised on weekly basis after friday close.

Trends are based on my mechanical trend following system. They are NOT trading recommendations.

S&P500 – Bearish Sellers Block Pattern

August 25, 2009