Real Estate Trends – Reality check

Real Estate trends and DB’s presentation was so hot that this provoke me to write few words about this topic.

So let’s take a look of the charts first.

First NAHB Housing Index – Main housing index showing little hope for  RE stabilization.


Philadelphia Housing Index – Consolidation mode … No sign for trend change IMO


HGX- 2005 was the PEAK do not listen to experts calling 2006 or 2007 was Peak of RE ..Where is the bottom ?


UK Real Estate  – PAIN MODE is ON


Real Estate is main cause of problems for banking sector asRE is main reason for Asset deflation which directly hit Banks balance sheets.

I am wondering why everybody expects to see  V shape recovery in REAL ESTATE? I am leaning to L-Shape scenario !!!

I do not know the future of Real Estate but  is not the my favorite investment neither in the past or now. Real Estate in long run yeilds no more than inflation.



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